Peter O’Connor reflects on TEN years with Partial Comfort

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Ten years – huh.

I remember my first few years acting, and looking around in what felt, often, like a fog, trying to stay busy enough to feel like I was legitimately moving towards something one could call a career.

And you’re going through what so many others are, alone.

And you follow certain theatre companies in town doing the type of work you aspire to.

And some circles become concentric and then you get asked to join a company based on writers, and producing bold, daring work from the inside.

And of course you say yes.

I was in California (LA & SF) working for the last two years. And something cool happened a few times: people would ask about NY theatre like some mysterious forest, and was I in a company?  And some of these young and hungry actors lit up when I said Partial Comfort.

They’d heard of us. Us. PCP.  From Cali. Huh.

I’m so gratified to be back in NY working with PCP this Summer/Fall.  It’s not a cliche, it’s coming home, to my artistic family.  And it feels great.  And we’re beyond survive into thrive –  OBIE noticed – and the younger generation is looking at us through that forest fog.    – Peter O’Connor, September 2012

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