Maria-Christina Oliveras, and her longterm relationship with Partial Comfort …

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Almost exactly a year ago, my longest lover to date, Partial Comfort, offered me the gift of AFTER:  it was a joy to mine and develop this piece—to fight to understand and illuminate Monty’s journey with love, care, passion and fervor (including an occasional table thrust or two on my part…and perhaps walking into a wall…a couple of times).  

So many ideal elements:   the gentle, yet firm guidance of “true facts” from the wonderful Stephen Brackett;  the openness of dear Chad Beckim to re-write and kill amazing babies like the ever-elusive Fat Willy (he must needs be resurrected somewhere) and  beautiful monologues of dental hygienist dreams deferred;  throwing down with Fredo and constantly searching for juicier choices—should we be FiliRican, BraziPinoy, or somethin’ else?; refining the perfect café con leche with the achingly great Garman (this man can put any one at ease in life and on stage);  being in the company and presence of the incomparable trio of Jackie, D-Bags and Jeff—priceless; working with incomparable designers ; being taken care by a fierce bevy of ladies: Lindsey, Molly, Tara, Hilary, Lydia, Jenny, Emilia; and getting a home from the wonderful folks at the Wild Project, who have been so good to us over the years.  

My experience with AFTER—creative abandon within structure, search for truth and specificity with humour, good people, good times—this is what I associate with Partial Comfort.  Thank you to all the artists in the company and those who have worked with PCP over the years—humbled and so grateful to be a part of such an extraordinary community of artists.  We’re common law now—here’s to another 10 years of creative adventures and love…Happy Anniversary!  Maria-Christina Oliveras, September 2012

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