Crystal Finn talks about what TEN means to her …

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Partial Comfort.

I’ve been around Two of the Ten so that makes me more of an observer of historical record on this anniversary.  I don’t know how things came to settle the way they have I just sort of see the results: which is a ton of talent crammed together into this community which sometimes feels like a little corner away from the city, and sometimes seems like a microcosm of the city.  Partial Comfort I don’t think could exist outside of New York—it feels very much a part of this place and born of this place. People who came together with a kind of inevitability.

I’m in a play right now with company member Debargo Sanyal called “Bird in the Hand.”  I met Debargo by way of seeing him in a reading of Chad Beckim’s “After” and was smitten ever since.  He’s someone I am lucky enough to know outside of just the Partial Comfort world now and YET because of Partial Comfort he someone I will stay connected to.  That’s why the community means something to me.  In Ten years I hope I have a history with Debargo and so many other actors in the group that extends through the company and beyond it.  It’s a place to touch base, pass by, connect down and not lose track of all the people that you really, really like.  The people that inspire you and make you want to keep working, the people you want to write plays for and act in plays with and just go see plays with!  Honored to be a part of it.
– Crystal Finn, September 2012

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